Why Video is Everything

Why Video?


Human are visual creatures. Video captures the eyes and ears of your future customers. Having a video is a must for every company. You in input this on your website, social media, TV, or in your show room. This video will make you stand out from your competition because only 50% of companies are using video in their marketing. A thirty second to two-minute video can explain and captivate a person a long better vs. having them reading over a whole website. We take the time to make the best fit and most effective for your company we need to look at the 3 aspects of video success:

1. Demonstrating your product

2. Standing out from your competition

3. The 80% response rate

Your Product

Demonstrating your product and smartphone usage


Showing your product/brand and giving an informed video will give your future customers a sense of trust. People who are informed buy. This is another reason why video testimonials work so well. One restaurant increased their sales by 20% by using this approach. 40% of people would rather see a visual than a text format. You can pack more information and humanize your brand. Having a video will increase your future customers who use a smart phone. Viewing a video on a mobile device has gone up 532% in the last 2 years.

 Smartphone sales have gone up 41% since 2014 and excepted to go up another 20% in 2018. Video is an effective to be in people hands where ever they go. 

Stand Out

Standing Out From Your Competition


Video is one of the best was to stand out from your competition. 90% of online shoppers report a company’s video helped them make a decision to purchase the product. See percentages below. What’s the craziest number? Only 50% of companies are using video in their marketing. This is an opportunity to reach people half your competition has no even reached out to.

What Are You Waiting For?


· 90% of online shoppers reported a company’s video helped them make a decision to purchase

· 64% of people who watched a video are more likely to purchase your product

· 403% increase of real estate listings with a video than those without a video

· 50% of companies use video in their marketing, this leaves a huge market share for your company. 

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According to Online Publishers Association, 80% of people remember web videos they saw in the last 30 days. 46% took some form of actions. As you can see, video is a very powerful essential for your company with more than a 50% response rate. 

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· 80% remember your company’s name in 30 days

· 26% Visited the website

· 22% searched the website later

· 15% visited the brand in the add

· 12% purchased the specific product in the add